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MILEY CYRUS IS A POTHEAD???!!! TI Vs Gays - Nicki Minaj Vs Cher - #STOPIT5

My Christmas Tree! youtu.be 2 Guys On Kitchen! youtu.be My AMA Playlist! bit.ly HELP HOMELESS YOUTH! www.dowhateverittakes.org ____ Please Rate THUMBS UP!!! Leave a Comment/Fave/Share! I hope you SUBSCRIBE To My Channel! Comment Questions of the Day: Answer ANY or All! YAY! 1. Do you think Miley Cyrus is a pothead or just joking? 2. Are you a Kelly O fan or is she annoying? 3. Should you be allowed to be against gays in peace??? 4. What is YOUR REVIEW of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One or the Muppet movie???? 5. Team Cher or Team Nicki? Bonus: Have you ever had a TWITTER FIGHT/Misunderstanding?? Tell us about it! These will be fun to read! _____ ME ME ME! buckhollywood.com MAIN CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE! youtube.com SECOND CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE! youtube.com PHONE CHANNEL: BE AFRAID! youtube.com Follow Buck on Twitter: twitter.com Friend Buck on Facebook: www.facebook.com NEW! DON'T TELL buckhollywood.tumblr.com ADD ME ON GOOGLE PLUS bit.ly

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This Week in YouTube - Larry King Does Lady Gaga and Pull Up Fail Video

On today's This Week In Youtube #121, Larry King sings "Poker Face" on Seacrest's morning show, girls does a pull up and drops down, and Keenan Cahil lip syncs to Beiber. Join Lon Harris and Kat Steel as they bring you the hottest videos on Youtube. Mystery FAIL Man: www.youtube.com Chin up FAIL: www.youtube.com TALK SHOW WACKO: www.youtube.com Baby (With Me): www.youtube.com Raw Video: Man Scales San Francisco Skyscraper: www.youtube.com Chinese Playing Cards Factory: www.youtube.com Larry King Sings "Poker Face": www.youtube.com

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Liverpool Tourist Attractions

Liverpool is the 4th largest city of UK. The waves of River Mersey make the city cool and more fabulous. The night view in the river shore will make you to forget the World. The city has its own folk music which is world popular. You can enjoy the music with plenty of other events and wines. The city is well known for its rich cultural heritage and the fantastic architecture.

Liverpool and the people of the city will make your vacations more vibrating. You

Liverpool attractions

The city has blessed with various religious regions, historical monuments, adventure parks, art galleries etc. Your precious time will get shorted while you start exploring yourself with the city.

The Albert Dock: -It is a place where you can get the best of Liverpool's history and this place also offers lots of events for children.
Walkers Art Gallery: -Do not miss this gallery. If you are art over then this is the only place from where you do not want to go. This place is famous for its blushing architecture and paintings.
World Museum Liverpool: -It is a world famous heritage of the city. It shows the story of the Children's for Common Wealth. It also holds many international level exhibitions.
Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre: -It is a wonderful tunnel in Liverpool.
Tate Liverpool: -This place has many more interesting events throughout the year. It holds the outstanding collection of art works.
The Beatles Story: -It is a museum which depicts the whole story of the history of the region. The silent painting says everything in this museum.
Titanic memorial:- In this place there are lots of things to view. You can see charming sculptures, fountain, statue and a fine museum.
UNESCO World Heritage site:- This place has an attractive water front. This site is a world famous site and people come to visit this site from every corner of the World.

Liverpool Travel Information

If you want to travel from Liverpool to Dublin, then you have plenty of traveling options. But Liverpool to Dublin Ferry is the best way to reach Dublin. PO ferries is the main operators run the route between Liverpool to Dublin.

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Katy Perry - Peacock [ Lyrics ]

Peacock - Ringtone --▶ PeacockTone.info ◀-- Here are the lyrics for Katy Perry's Song Peacock. Don't forget to like and pls write a comment. Have Fun :)

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Be My Baby- The Ronettes Acoustic Cover (By Jorge and Alexa Narvaez)

"HOME" NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES: itunes.apple.com Todownload the original version of "Home" by Jorge Narvaez (featuring Alexa Narvaez) go to: itunes.apple.com Here's how this video came about: Soooo, Alexa has had too much energy these past days, its so hard to keep up with her! This cover is dedicated to my mother Esther. As you see, we're not concerned about the quality of our performance, we're just having fun, too much fun sometimes. - Jorge Who are we? Please read: ENGLISH manofthehouse.com Who are we? Please read: SPANISH telemundoatlanta.com For amazing photography albums, bios and awesome weekly family moments, add us on facebook! www.facebook.com Finally!! Have an opportunity to purchase a T-shirt that will help pay my student loans! Go to: www.gonnawhistle.com OR www.jorgeandalexa.com Would you like to reach out? Donations? Support? Use: 3910 University Ave #300-RC San Diego CA 92105 or use e-mails below I'M JUST A FATHER OF TWO WORKING MY WAY THROUGH COLLEGE CHECK OUT THE REST OF OUR CHANNEL!! SUBSCRIBE!! BECOME PART OF OUR EXPERIENCE!! OUR MP3 SOUNDCLOUD TO OUR DEBUT SONG "HOME- EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS ACOUSTIC COVER BY JORGE AND ALEXA NARVAEZ"!! ENJOY!!!!! snd.sc CONTACT US AT GONNAWHISTLE@GMAIL.COM

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What's Up With Gaga? - 12 Million Twitter Followers

on.fb.me - Facebook Fan Page! bit.ly - Click to Subscribe to ClevverMusic! Hi little monsters, welcome back to ClevverMusic, I'm Bridget Daly with the second installment of our new segment "What's Up With Gaga?." This week wasn't so much about WHERE Gaga was as much it was about WHAT she was up to. And since last Friday, she accomplished more than the average Joe. First up, Gaga announced her plans to become a minister. She said in an interview she's been motivated by her two lesbian friends who want to get married now that gay marriage is legal in New York, saying they asked her to marry them, and she's going to do it. And speaking of milestones, Mother Monster hit one of her own this week, reaching 12 million followers on Twitter, even beating out our own president! And Gaga used to Twitter to announce that her next video would be coming via the social network platform, saying, The Music Video for "Yoü and I" will be my 1000th Tweet." But guys, Twitter may be so yesterday pretty soon, as Gaga has been named one of the investors of turntable.fm, a social network that revolved around listening to music with other people, giving thumbs up to tracks you hear that you like, and earning "DJ points". Pretty cool! And lastly, Gaga will be featured on the upcoming Tony Bennett compilation Duets 2 on a cover for The Lady is a Tramp. So that is your world according to Gaga. Subscribe to ClevverMusic for Gaga updates 24-7 on our channel. I'm Bridget Daly thanks for watching.

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None Piece - Episode 2

Well well well. Songs (in order of appearance): - Mission Impossible Theme - Born This Way by: Lady Gaga - Walk the Dinosaur by: Was (Not Was) - The Golden Age by : Asteroids Galaxy Tour

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USA Tourist Attractions and Tourist Spots

The tourism industry in United States has particularly gained prominence as one of the vibrant sectors of the economy. One of the most developed countries in the world, United States of America has millions of people visiting its various cities and states every year. Honeymooners find United States a romantic and thrilling country to visit during their much-awaited vacations. The country has proved itself as a cultural center, adventure destination, and entertainment zone. US draw tourists to its stunning mountains and valleys, rainforests, theme parks, gardens, and historical centers. US Cities experienced a boom in tourism during the 1890s. Urban tourism in the cities of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington revolved around national historic landmarks, theme parks, museums, and sightseeing. Particularly, Central and Northern America became important tourist hub at the end of the 19th century.

There is plenty of opportunity for international visitors to explore in United States. USA tourist attractions would make your holiday a memorable one. They cater to all kinds of tourists willing to either have an adventurous vacation, a peaceful or tropical vacation, or visit the historical and cultural sites in the nation. For children too, the amusement parks are all time popular.

If you are planning to visit the city of Los Angeles, the places that you would visit will be the Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Hollywood, Long Beach, and Malibu Beach. These are some of the top attractions in the state of California.

Chicago would be a different journey for you. Fun and amusement is an integral part of the city life here. Chicago USA tourist attractions include the Brookfield Zoo, Grant Park, and John Hancock Center. Of the ancient attractions in the city, the Navy Pier draws a significant number of people every year. If you were a nightlife lover, the bars, pubs, and discos would be in evening stops in Chicago.

The Fremont Street Experience would complete your tour to Las Vegas. A city known for its nightlife, entertainment, and grand casinos, Las Vegas remains a desirable place in the nation. Other places to visit in Las Vegas are Hoover Dam, Las Vegas Strip, and The Flamingo.

New York City's most famous landmark is the Statue of Liberty. The Central Park, Ellis Island, Times Square, Manhattan, Broadway, and the Staten Island Ferry are included in the city tours.

In Miami, you can opt for selected tours to Florida Keys, St Petersburg, Everglades, and the Orange Bowl. Miami downtown too remains packed with tourists during the Christmas and New Year eve.

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Top Must-See Attractions In Miami, Florida

Miami is a city filled with texture, color and a wide range of emotions. This place is also regarded as a true stimulator for all your senses, because of its constantly growing Latin culture. It is located in the south-eastern part of the United States, very close to the Pacific Ocean, being one of the largest cities in Florida and an important center for tourism, finance and fishing at the same time.

The city of Miami has a strong Latin influence, being often called the Casablanca of the United States or the Magic City. It is also the third most popular city for overseas visitors, after New York and Los Angeles. The fact that it is a truly multicultural city makes it different from all other cities of the country and adds uniqueness to its overall image.

Much of the charm of the area is due to the different neighborhoods, which include buildings ranging from skyscrapers to the trendy South Beaches, which are probably the main factor that give the fame of the city. During the sunniest days, it is an absolute pleasure to admire the vividly colored buildings and the palm trees swayed by the wind. But let's take a look at the attractions that you should not miss whenever you visit the city of Miami.

First of all, the Bass Museum of Art is located in Miami Beach and specializes in the art of the Renaissance world, as well as modern art. It was founded in 1963 by the city council of Miami Beach from a private donation. Nowadays, it is considered one of the best museums of ancient art in the area, along wiht the Wolfsonian Museum.

Next, Bayfront Park is a large urban public park in downtown Miami, Florida. Stretching on an area of 13 square kilometers, the park was built in 1924, designed by Warren Henry Manuing and officially opened in mid 1925. In 1980 the museum was remodeled by the Japanese architect Isam Noguchi. Today it is managed and maintained by the Miami Dade Country Park, a public agency that manages most of the parks in the city.

Finally, the "Coral Castle" is another must-see whenever you visit Miami. Most visitors remain amazed by the beauty of this attraction. This rather strange building was imagined, designed and developed over 20 years ago by Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1951). His motivation was his true love for the woman who left him the day before the wedding. Apparently, this sentimental failure transformed Edward into a person who was totally dedicated to his work, which led to the creation of this marvellous building.

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Feb 3, 2010 Armani's acceptable night. Lady Gaga. Kelly Cutrone. Lulu Frost.

Pick up a new hobby with Lulu Frost's very own Lisa Salzer. The latest kid to enter the fashion biz. New Bravo star Kelly Cutrone fills us in on her new show. The Versace book is out.

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Norwegian Recycling - Miracles

norwegianrecycling.net Samples 1. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are 2. BOB feat. Bruno Mars - Nothing On You 3. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy 4. Britney Spears - Hit Me, Baby, One More Time 5. Jason Derulo - In My Head 6. Justin Timberlake - My Love 7. Lady Gaga - Just Dance 8. Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love 9. Ne-Yo - So Sick 10. Michael Jackson - Black Or White 11. Snoop Dogg - Sexual Eruption 12. Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger 13. Taylor Swift - Fifteen 14. Taylor Swift - Fearless 15. Savage Garden - The Animal Song 16. Snoop Dogg feat. Justin Timberlake - Signs

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Lady Gaga steals the appearance at MTV Europe awards

www.euronews.net It is always going to be something spectacular when all the glamour of the rock and pop world come together, but as usual Lady Gaga stole the show at this year's European MTV awards. The singing sensation carried off four awards including " Best Female" and "Best song". But Lady Gaga did not have it all her own way with Katy Perry taking the award for "Best Live Act". More than 600 million people are thought to have watched the awards on the MTV global network which were held for the first time in Belfast.

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Los Angeles Tourist Attractions - Top 10 LA Beaches

* Leo Carrillo - Families love this summer-camp-style beach with enough stimulating tide pools, cliff caves, nature trails and great swimming and surfing to tire out even the most hyperactive kids.

* El Matador - This small, remote hideaway is a popular filming location thanks to super-scenic battered rock cliffs and giant boulders, but the surf is wild and clothing is optional ( X-rated action has been observed ).

* Zuma - Two miles of pearly sand with plenty of Halle Berry and Daniel Craig lookalikes emerging from the crystal-clear waves. Mellow swells make for perfect body surfing. Come early on weekends to snag parking.

* Paradise Cove - Brad and Angelina have been photographed strolling along the scenic sands of TV's Rockford Files fame. The water looks lovely but can be quite polluted. Eating at the beach cafe cuts the $25 parking fee down to $3. Walk-ins are $5.

* Will Rogers - Baywatch stars Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff used to bounce along this sandy patch which is now a cruisey gay beach.

* Santa Monica - Wide slab of sand where beach-umbrella-toting families descend like butterfly swarms on weekends to escape the inland heat. Water quality is poor right by the pier but OK a few hundred yards away.

* Venice Beach - Get your freak on at LA's most hipsterific beach paralleled by the Venice Broadwalk. During Sundays drum circle, the bongos reach crecendo and dances turn to silhouettes as the sun dips into the ocean.

* Manhattan Beach - Brassy SoCal beach with a high flirt factor and hardcore surfers hanging by the pier for, like, totally epic waves. Families can check out marine life in the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab & Aquarium.

* Hermosa Beach - Possibly LA's most libidinous beach party with hormone-crazed tight-bods getting their game on over beach volleyball and in the raucous pubs along Pier Ave.

* Malaga Cove - This crescent-shaped, cliff-backed shoreline is the only sandy Palos Verdes beach easily accessible by the hoi polloi. Blends into rocky tide pools and has excellent rolling waves for surfers, but no lifeguards.

Author : Kenneth Ng

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Swansea Attractions

Swansea is a beautiful city that is situated on the south Wales coast. The city has a merge population of about 250,000. This city has been designated as an Area of Outstanding Beauty.

Some of the attractions in Swansea are:

1. Swansea Castle: This castle was built during the 13th century. Although most of the castle has been destroyed but do visit this place during the night when the entire castle is lit up.

2. Oystermouth Castle: This was a castle that was founded in 12th century by William de Londres of Ogmore. After this, the castle has undergone a number of restorations and expansions. Today there are a number of remains and artefacts that belonged to the kings that lived here, have been preserved here so that the general public can see and admire them.

3. Mumbles Pier: This building was built in 1880 and was made to encourage the people to use the public transport at that time. This high rise Victorian building provides you the best views of the nearby Swansea Bay.

4. National Waterfront Museum: This is the iconic landmark in Swansea and is made in the welsh style of architecture. This museum has some of the best collections of the Welsh art and culture. There are certain machines and other models that have been kept here that belonged to the Industrial Revolution. The museum has a restaurant and a café where you can sit back and admire the beauty of the Welsh art and culture.

5. Glyn Vivian Art Gallery: This art gallery belonged to the Edwardian era and exhibits the art that is made by the local artisans at that time. The museum is also known to host a number of national and international art festivals.

6. Mumbles: This is an ancient village that is situated on the western side of the Swansea Bay. The village has a number of boutiques and excellent restaurants that makes this place as a must-see destination. If you happen to come here, do visit the Promenade which provides you the spectacular views of the Swansea Bay.

7. Oystermouth Castle: This is another magnificent castle of Swansea. This place is a must visit for those who have an extensive interest in the art and culture.

8. Maritime Quarter: This is an award-winning bay side development area. There are a number of masts and sails that are situated on the southeastern side of the Bay. The area has a number of cafes, bars, pubs, casinos and museums that can keep you interested.

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Lady GaGa in POLAND appropriately arena, crying, telephone, built-in this way MONSTER BALL TOUR

Lady GaGa po zobaczeniu setek kartek "Born this way" nie może powstrzymać łez crying GaGa, telephone POLAND MONSTER BALL TOUR PS dzięki za kopiowanie i wstawianie tylko w gorszej jakości POZDRO -.-

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Syma New 3 Channels Helicopter - The Alloy Shark - Forward, Backward, Left, Right for $31.95

Cheap Syma New 3 Channels Helicopter - The Alloy Shark - Forward, Backward, Left, Right Discount Review Shop

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